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Pastoral Staff

  • Amie Quigley
    Director of Urban Mission & Community Outreach

    Amie Quigley oversees the Lord’s Lighthouse, the Hollywood Healthcare Partnership, and the Hollywood Winter Refuge shelter. These ministries offer friendship, discipleship, and connections to housing and health services. Urban Mission also partners with numerous local ministries such as Youth First and Jews for Jesus.  


    Originally from Princeton, NJ, Amie has a background in theater. After receiving an AB in English from Duke University, she did postgraduate studies in Greek at Oxford University and recently completed an MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary. Amie joined the staff of FPCH in 2009. She currently serves as the Chair of the Homeless Task Force for the Presbytery of the Pacific and on the Executive Board of the Faith-Based Advocacy Council for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health.   


    Amie delights in spending time with beautiful and brilliant friends in our community, some of whom are in transition with housing. Sharing in life together allows the love of Christ to minister to all of us. Such abundant love fosters hope and the profound blessing of being the church.

  • Terri Knox
    Director of Christian Education

    Terri Knox oversees our Christian Education program for the full age spectrum of our congregation from the Nursery, all the way through Adult Education.


    Terri has two Master’s degrees, in education and divinity, was previously Associate Pastor at several churches, and wrapped a 27-year teaching career in Christian schools this year. She is passionate about Jesus and the heart of the Gospel, about Bible study and memorization, and about prayerful discipleship and mentoring people to bring every care and area of their lives to Jesus. In her words, she is a Spirit-filled believer in the salvation of Jesus Christ, and her objective is to lead us to become distinct holy people who work in concert with God to proclaim Christ’s message of salvation, live lives surrendered to God, and become the hands and feet of Jesus in our church, in our community and around the globe. In this aim, she is supported by Christian Ed co-chairs Joel Russell and Bradley Campbell, together with Session Elders Jesse Corti Sr., John Safoyan and Charlotte Valentine, along with Deacons Rebecca Russell and Deni Hardgrave.

  • Richard Gomez
    Youth Discipleship Coordinator

    Richard Gomez, born and raised in Los Angeles, loves writing, reading, music, and seeking all practical intersections between the gospel and culture. The church can thrive within her context, as we seek to bring creativity, innovation, imagination, and community in all cultural spheres back underneath the loving and compassionate Lordship of the ultimate Creator: God. Richard has been in youth ministry for over ten years and longs to help youth thrive and flourish by seeking their definition and identity within the loving care of Jesus, as we together learn how we can be extensions of the grace and mercy of God, now. Richard received his Mdiv. From Northwestern Seminary, and is always looking to connect with new friends over coffee. 


Staff Directory

The main office phone number for FPCH is (323) 463-7161.


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Mark Brewer Interim Pastor
270 Amie Quigley Director of Urban Mission and Community Outreach
208 Ariel Quintana Music & Worship Director & Cathedral Choir Director
213 Terri Knox Director of Christian Education
340 Beth Becker Global Missions Assistant
268 Moe Jambazi Operations & Facilities Manager
661-993-7708 Candi MacCulloch
Church Hostess/Weddings/Memorials
Communications Coordinator
Children’s and Family Ministries
225 Rocco Ambrosio Rentals & Filming Coordinator 

Tatyana Tyan

Accounting AP

218 Jennifer Spears Accounting AR
223 Tom Hartshorn Pastoral Care Coordinator
323-462-8486 Karen Covell Hollywood Prayer Network
230 Kimo Smith Organist
323-462-8460 Kyle Montgomery Actors Co-op
200 Mary Hartman-Mealey Deacons Assistant/Internal Rentals
216 Mary Whittemore Music Assistant
268 Richard Gomez Youth Ministries



The leadership in Presbyterian Churches consists of a Pastors, Elders and Deacons. Each Elder and Deacon is nominated by a group of church leaders, elected by the congregation, examined by the Session, and ordained for their invaluable role in a special ceremony before the congregation. 


The Session

The Session of FPCH consists of the Pastor and the Ruling Elders and operates as our “Board of Directors.” Elders are chosen by the congregation to discern and measure its fidelity to the Word of God, and to strengthen and nurture its faith and life.  As outlined in the Book of Order, Elders serving on Session (Ruling or “Sitting” Elders), together with ministers of the Word and Sacrament, exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of a congregation as well as the whole church, including ecumenical relationships. The Elders of FPCH each serve three-year active terms, although they remain ordained Elders for life. In addition to serving together on Session, each Elder is given a specific role, either serving as a liaison to a particular Ministry Team, or in specific tasks such as Clerk of Session.


Elders currently serving on Session are:

Class of 2023 Class of 2024 Class of 2025
Susan Kanim Bob Burbank Brad Campbell
George LePorte Phillip Horton Jesse Corti
Robert Lusk Ruth Kawamoto Lloyd Wong Hansen
Phillip Olive Rudy Mjorud Sau-Wa Leong
Joel Russell Cynthia Peterson Robb Loos
Charlotte Valentine John Wendland Kimi Walker

Clerk of Session: Jonathan Kim



The leadership in Presbyterian Churches consists of pastors, elders and deacons. Each elder and deacon is nominated by a group of church leaders, elected by the congregation, examined by the Session and ordained for their invaluable role in a special ceremony before the congregation.


Board of Deacons

Deacons are the caring arm for the Church of Jesus Christ on behalf of FPCH and carry out their duties in accordance with the responsibilities stated in the Book of Order. The Deacon Ministry is one of compassion, witness, and service to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress both within and beyond the community of faith. Like Elders, Deacons also serve three year active terms and remain ordained Deacons for life.


Deacons currently serving are:

Class of 2023 Class of 2024 Class of 2025
Eric Belland Thomas Clark Colleen Cady
Frank Davis Tim Farmer Debbie Kolts
Robb Holt Sheldon Gordon Doug McAdoo
Wanda Penner Brandon Malone Adrienne Koeneke-Morales
Dave Valentine Brian Reeves  
  Rebecca Russell  



Emergency Aid Resource (EAR)

EAR is staffed by Deacons on a rotating basis and meets as needed on Sundays for the purpose of providing emergency aid to those who need it. Members of the church requesting assistance, if approved by the EAR staff, are assisted as limited by the FPCH Board of Deacons’ By-Laws. 



Communion Set Up and Clean Up

Each Communion Sunday the Deacons help with the set-up of the elements that are served to the congregation. Once the service is over the Deacons collect everything, wash and dry and return everything to the closet for storage. While we are not meeting in person, congregants are encouraged to participate in communion at home during the regular church service.




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