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Anna arrived home to ‘591’ this morning, which was her wish to come back to her beloved home, also known as Kindly House. The hospice nurse was already here with me awaiting her arrival. She was very much at peace just to be here. She fought the good fight right up to the end, which came at 7:47 this evening. Her nieces and a very few close friends came to say good-by and pray for her journey Home.  When the end came, she was surrounded by three women who love her deeply, and we sang her Home with “I Love You Lord and I Lift My Hands to Worship You”.


So now To God Be the Glory, that Anna is in the arms of Jesus and with her beloved Jack and her brother Lynn, who succumbed to Covid earlier this year.  She has completed what God had for her to do here, and is finally Home in everlasting peace.


Thank you to each one of you who sent cards and wrote e-mails.  She so enjoyed the times when I would come into her hospital room and bring out the Faithlift tote bag filled with love from each of you.  I would sit on the chair very close to her and read every one to her. 


Sometimes it would jog her memory of something she had shared with you and we’d share a story or a laugh. So thank you again for helping cheer her during her last few months.


This is the last of the updates, and it has been a pleasure sharing the end of Anna’s journey with you.  We all know that God is saying “Well done, good and faithful servant.”



Nancy J Brown


Global Missions Team

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