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Milt Brock was an elder and a big-time contractor in Southern California. His company was tearing down the houses on Carlos east of Wylie Chapel to the corner of LaBaig. Mears Center was to be erected there. The concept was to have a building with many uses, so an auditorium with stage, and four side rooms that could both be divided in two, storage rooms, and a kitchen were all in the plan. The folding walls were essential.



When the structure was in place, and the insulation had been stapled in, Mr. Brock invited church members to come and write Bible verses on the insulation before the plaster was added. Some people brought in ladders and wrote up high, and others got down on their knees and wrote their choices close to the floor. Others just stood and wrote verses. When the insulation was covered with Bible verses, the workers put on the plaster and finished the building, but those of us who participated, have the satisfaction that we are surrounded by the Word of God each time we enter the Mears Center.


Henrietta Mears was an advocate of Sunday School children in her day memorizing many Bible verses. She would be pleased that the building named for her was “loaded” with scripture.

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