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There has been an awakening inside me that desires to go to deep ocean waters and catch the biggest fish in the ocean. I recently came back from a deep sea fishing trip to Ensenada, Mexico where my partner and I caught over 25 fish on a boat! The fish were filleted, brought to a restaurant on the pier, and the restaurant deep-fried the fish that we caught! It was by far the best fish tacos I’ve ever had in my life.



 Since then, I started watching videos of how to do shore fishing, lobster dive with my bare hands, and what tools I would need to catch ocean crabs. Something about being in and present with the ocean excites me. For a person that grew up in a suburb of Chicago IL, being in the ocean has reconnected me to how deep and beautiful God’s creation in nature really is.


The desire to be in the ocean reminded me of John 21:6 where the fisherman were struggling to catch fish and Jesus calls them in the water to cast their net on the right side of the boat. What I’ve learned from watching all the videos on fishing is that even with a large amount of fish in the water right below, it does not mean that they will be caught. There are many variables and structures in the water that can get in the way of people catching anything.


Then I was reminded of the beginning in Genesis 1:26b where God gives Adam and Eve part of their vocation of being called to, “rule over the fish in the sea” and Jesus showcases this power to them by overflowing their nets with fish. Through the listening act of obedience, Peter’s eyes are opened to the identity of Jesus and jumps in the water to swim towards Christ who was on shore (John 21:7b).


 The significance is that when God speaks to my heart, mind, body, and soul I do not always react in exclamation or excitement. A lot of times, I am afraid. I tremble and shake with overwhelming anxiety and worry that I cannot handle what God is inviting me into. Sometimes I am so stubborn I resist God hoping that He will let me go. Have you ever been there? It is only through faith in Jesus Christ that I am able to respond to God in repentance because the closer I am to knowing Christ, the more I witness the depths of my own selfishness and insecurities.


What I love about the story of Peter and the disciples in John 21 is that the disciples are the GOOD examples of how imperfect we all really are in front of Jesus. Jesus empowers Peter who denied Him three times to be a witness and disciple to the whole world. Thankfully, despite what we have done and continue to struggle with, God calls us His beloved. You are the beloved child of God and at FPCH, we are a part of a wonderful family in Christ Jesus who struggle to “jump in the water” together even when we don’t know the depth of the water below because Jesus is leading us! So whether you are at a place of asking God for mercy or celebrating a wonderful moment in your life, may the Lord who is the God of peace bring forth an awakening of our souls to know that God love you more than all of your regrets and mistakes because He has paid the ultimate sacrifice! Praise God!

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