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First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood A Leadership Statement

AII members of the church of Jesus Christ are called to live holy lives before God, choosing life-giving practices and avoiding behavior that opposes the clear clashing of scripture and the Reformed Theology of the church. Leaders of the church in particular are to earnestly demonstrate this endeavor in their own lives, choices, and words. 

Holiness is more than the mere avoidance of sin. It is the positive affirmation in our individual and corporate lives of God’s plan and care for us in a fallen world. We affirm God’s concern for justice, fidelity, and accountability in relationships. In the area of sexuality, we believe scripture gives a clear picture of God’s guidance. We give thanks for the holy gift of sexual intimacy which is to be honored and enjoyed only in marriage between a man and a woman. Marriage is intended to be a permanent and faithful partnership of love and mutual care. Apart from marriage, we believe God calls people to chastity in singleness. 

In painful humility we acknowledge, confess and repent of our sins which draw us away from God, such as: bigotry, covetousness, greed lust, materialism, pride, and sexual activity outside of marriage. We believe that the only appropriate response to any sin is confession and repentance. ‘We follow a God who offers us grace and forgiveness, and asks us to do likewise. 

Leaders at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood must be willing to affirm in their actions these principles, and be wiling to honor this teaching in accepting or continuing in positions of leadership such as pastors, elders, deacons, staff, teachers and youth leaders. As leaders, we welcome all who are seeking to follow Jesus Christ, and affirm God’s love for a fallen world. 

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