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Greeters Needed! Join the Welcome Ministry

My name is Dean Choi, one of the Fraser Fellows at FPCH! If you are looking to get involved in the church, we wanted to invite you to partner together at the Welcome Table and join as a greeter for the welcome ministry.


For those that have been at the church for more than two years, I want you to imagine what it would be like to attend First Presbyterian of Hollywood as a new person today. What are some of the questions that might come up for you? Where do I park? Why is this place so big? Is there free coffee? Are there good-looking young people at the church? Goodness, where is the bathroom? How long is the service? Is the worship good? Do I look good?



All of those questions are why the welcome table exists because we want to alleviate some of the anxiety, expectations, and awkward first meetings when people arrive. For people who are struggling every week and going through a rough time, connecting with them through a genuine smile can make all the difference. We want people who visit our church to have their minds clear so that they may freely worship God with us together.


We are looking for people to serve once every two months for about an hour before service starts! If interested in joining, please reach out to Dean Choi at

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