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The 2020 Officer Nominating Committee has submitted the slate of Officers for the next class of Elders and Deacons and the 2021 ONC.


For the Elders, Class of 2023


Susan Kanim

Phillip Olive

Robert Lusk

George LePorte

Joel Russell

Charlotte Valentine


For the Deacons, Class of 2023


Wanda Penner

Jerilyn Phippeny

Frank Davis

Dave Valentine

Eric Belland

Trisha Harris


And for the 2021 ONC:


Rebecca Beech

Nancy Brown

Kimi Walker

Inge Famularo

Kimberly Cordozo

Steve Yerkes


This is being submitted to you by the 2020 ONC, and these names will be announced one more week before they are voted on. 

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