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The gospel according to Mark has Jesus’ ministry beginning in Mark 1:14-15 where Jesus goes to Galilee, proclaiming the good news of God. “The time has come, … The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news.” In other words, repent … turn around … change your ways and believe in the good news. The good news we learn in Mark 1:1 is Jesus Christ. This is the lens or audio device we read or hear the gospel of Mark. Jesus Christ is the good news who calls all people. Please note the initial proclamation and beginning of ministry is in Galilee and not Jerusalem. Galilee the land of the Gentiles where Jews also live, is the geographic setting for inviting all people into the kingdom of God. The call to repent is a call … an invitation … back to God in Jesus Christ, the Son of God (Mark 1:1), the good news. This is the incoming of the kingdom of God.


With this in mind we come to our reading from Mark 4:21-25 the parable or sayings about light and hearing. The incoming of the kingdom of God challenges our concepts or thoughts about kingdoms or government. The incoming of the kingdom of God challenges how we conceive our way of life. How do you think about your way of life? Is your basis Plato’s Republic? Karl Marx’s the Communist Manifesto? The United States Constitution? These are more formal examples of conceiving a way of life. Of course there are more informal ways, such as, consumerism, keep learning, embrace mistakes, etc.


When it comes to Mark 4:21-25 the lamp brings illumination into our way of life. Who is the lamp that brings illumination into your way life?


When it comes to Mark 4:21-25 how do you hear what is taking place around you? What are you listening to and how is the material you are listening to impacting your way of life?


In Christ,

Pastor Tim

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