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“Who occupies the throne in your life?” Think of this question as you read Mark 2:1-12.


Jesus’ message to the world is found in Mark 1:14-15 “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand. Repent, and believe in the Gospel.” The time is now! The kingdom of God … the reign of God is at hand. The reign of God is present. Its presence is now!


What in the world are you talking about? How is the kingdom or the reign of God present during the turbulent times of transition in life? Whether it is the election, transition at church, the pandemic, or transition in my own life – are you serious? The reign of God? From my perspective, what we have here is total chaos. The reign of God would bring peace and tranquility to our lives.


Jesus has returned to Capernaum, which means grace/compassion, and he heals a paralyzed man. This is not the first time that Jesus has performed a miracle at Capernaum. In fact, this miracle along with four previous miracles are centered in Capernaum:


– Casting out an unclean spirit in the synagogue;

– Healing Simon’s mother-in-law who has a fever;

– Goes out into Galilee, outside of Capernaum where he teaches and casts out demons;

– Goes out into Galilee, outside of Capernaum where he heals with compassion a leper;

– Today back in the village of grace/compassion – Jesus Heals a paralyzed man;


The first miracles of Jesus in Mark take place with Capernaum, a village called grace/compassion, as the center location. In the New Testament, really Scripture overall, names and geography are significant in telling and revealing God. Names and geography are just as much a part of the message as the words of the message.


In the gospel of Mark Jesus begins his public ministry in Galilee. He does not begin as any religious person, particularly a Jew, would think or anticipate in Jerusalem. Jesus, the son of God and fulfiller of the prophecy we learn in Mark 1:1-3 does not meet their expectations. Jesus from the unexpected locale to the people of God to those in the synagogue (Jews) as well as those outside the synagogue (Gentiles). Jesus, the son of God, comes in the least expected manner and location.


He is revealed in the village of Capernaum through His teaching, healing, and casting out of demons. He reveals in His activity the kingdom of God or the reign of God. The reign of God is centered where? In Capernaum, that is, in grace, mercy, and compassion.


Is this the kingdom you expected? Is this the ruler that sits on your throne?


What does the kingdom of God or the reign of God look like or feel like or sound like in our society, in our church, in our families?


The kingdom of God is at hand.

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