The reading for Sunday 4 July 2021 from the gospel of Mark 9:42-50  raises more questions than answers. What is going on when Jesus talks to his disciples about cutting off a hand or a foot or, worse, of plucking out an eye? When we read or hear this passage too often we stumble over these words or better yet try and avoid them all together as they are difficult words to read or hear.


In reading and hearing these words (read it out loud to yourself) consider the context in which we read and hear the reading:

  • Search for a new Senior Pastor;
  • Loss of old staff and the arrival of new staff;
  • The isolation of the pandemic;
  • The reopening of the campus.

In the reading we have the following characteristics:

  • The “little ones” refers to children and by extension to anyone whose heart is humble and dependent upon God.
  • The little child is a model of true discipleship as the child has virtues of humility, dependence, lowliness, simplicity, obedience, and a willingness to love and be loved. (See Matthew 18:6 and Luke 17:1-4)
  • We are called not to be “stumbling blocks” to the little children.
  • We are called to take decisive action to avoid sin. (Mark 9:43-47 and Matthew 18:6-9)
  • We are called to be salty and to be at peace with one another.



Who is God calling you to be as an individual follower of Jesus Christ? Who is God calling FPCH to be as a community?


See you Sunday!


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Tim

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