This week’s spiritual practice, Lectio Divina, means “Divine Reading” in Latin. Do not fear! You don’t need to be an expert in Latin or theology to engage the Scriptures in this meaningful way.


Lectio Divina is a way of slowing down when reading the Scriptures and engaging the text so that you hear God’s word for you. In Lectio Divina, you’re invited to read a chosen passage in four movements.


First, in Lectio (Read), you read through the scripture passage and listen for any words or phrases that seem to emerge or jump out from the page. This doesn’t need to be forced; just read and patiently wait for a word or phrase that your attention is drawn to.


Secondly, in Meditatio (Reflect), you read through the text again. Try not to slip into “study mode”, or analyzing the passage. Rather, listen to what God might be saying to you through the word or phrase you are drawn to.


Thirdly, in Oratio (Respond), you might ask yourself, “What is God’s invitation to me?” in what you have read and heard. You might journal or, in prayer, have a conversation with God on what you have read.


Finally, in Contemplatio (Rest), you are invited to sit quietly in God’s presence. Rest. Be with God. Breathe.


May God bless you this week as you meet with him in the scripture.

Pastor Joel


Here are a couple of short articles to help you engage Lectio Divina.

Fuller Youth Institute – Kara Powell

Renovare – Richard Foster


The following passages are suggestions for your reading this week, or you might choose another passage from scripture to read:

Psalm 8, Psalm 131.

Isaiah 58:1-9

Mark 3:13-19, Mark 6:45-52, Mark 14:22-25

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