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This is a Time to Wait

A poem by Elisha Larson


This is a time for doing

Something with your hands 

You have wanted to do for a long time

Go ahead, dig in, tear down, build up


This is a time for connecting

With three people you’ve come to realize 

You can not, and should not ever live without

Don’t be hesitant, they are available 


This is a time for creating

Pen, paper, typing, paint, and song

Try on new color schemes, what strikes you

Let your soul speak, it’s leading


This is a time for learning

When you can follow the thoughts

That weight your curiosity without clock

Lose yourself, discoveries might surprise 


This is not a time for panic

Not a time for shallow breaths, reactionary reflex

Sore, your mind from reason

Let wisdom be your better guide


This IS a time for… grieving

Waiting inside this world-wide cocoon

What will you leave behind, what will not emerge

Contemplate, cry, slow walking is acceptable


This is a time for goodness

Something fresh, vibrant, and true

An opportunity you never asked for

A beautifully broken time-line making you new

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