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Mark Hoekstra and his brother Paul are sons of career missionaries in Ethiopia, Harvey and Lavinia. The senior Hoekstras retired in Escondido, CA and started a ministry called Talking Bibles, aimed at getting the Gospel into the hands of those who cannot read or don’t read well, and to provide it in their native tongue. Mark has now become President, and Paul is the genius behind getting scripture into languages of the unread people. He not only gets the translation done, he is able to “package” the Scripture into a player the size of a cell phone that runs on solar power!



These Talking Bibles have become “evangelists” in fishing villages in India and southeast Asia, as well as in many out of the way places in Africa, Siberia, and the Middle East. Mark travels to these places so he can personally deliver these little machines into the hands of men and women who, in turn, invite neighbors to come and listen with them in their huts, on their boats, or wherever they gather on a regular basis.  He later returns and, via interpreters, learns the stories of how the Talking Bibles have been used. The most recent report was about a farmer, Nagaji, in Rajasthan who grows crops of corn, wheat, and rice. He now gathers other farmers in his hut and they listen to the New Testament together, and Nagaji and his friends have become followers of Jesus. They keep listening and are growing in their faith. When a Talking Bible has more than 50 listeners, Mark will give  them another devise so they can “grow “ another group of listeners.


Mark Hoekstra will be our guest on December 8 and will speak at the Lamplighters class.

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