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Our gospel reading this week is Mark 1:29-34; Jesus healing of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law and Jesus healing the whole city that came to meet him. We find Jesus is leaving the synagogue and coming to Simon Peter’s house with his small group of disciples he’s gathered; Andrew, James, John, and Simon Peter. Simon’s mother-in-law is sick with a fever. They tell Jesus about her…and for a moment everything slows down. This is private. There are no swelling, astonished crowds. Jesus is no traveling healer with a set technique or formula, but one who exercises his authority as the moment calls for it.


Picture yourself in this house. It’s just before sundown and the Sabbath is coming to a close. Simon Peter is concerned for his mother-in-law. Jesus is in our midst. Jesus is paying attention. He’s looking in the direction of Simons mother-in-law. I imagine Jesus’ heart is full. Full of compassion. And he came. And he took her by the hand and lifted her up. I love that Jesus is so personal with Simon’s mother-in-law. No big show. He just takes her by the hand.


I find that when Jesus brings healing and wholeness in my life, it is always very personal. It may be the way God uses a particular scripture to open up more freedom in my life. It may be a conversation, or word of grace I receive from another to help me receive what Jesus wants to do in my life. As a young boy, I remember my mom taking me by the hand to receive prayer after worship for a stomach illness I was experiencing.  


I encourage you to reflect on this over the weekend; When has God moved in your life to bring healing and wholeness? Thank him for this. Bring to Jesus anything now that may be troubling, burdening, or ailing you. Jesus is in your midst and he is paying attention to you.

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