There will be a memorial service for Carole Collard next Wednesday, September 25, at 3:00pm, Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. A reception will follow after the service, at son David’s home in Burbank.  Directions will be given at the service, for those who want to attend. Anyone who plans to attend will please call Carolyn Franzle at (818) 846-4355, to arrange for adequate seating.

*PLEASE BE ADVISED TO BE CAUTIOUS, in that the area is hilly, and there may be some holes in the ground.  

*When you enter the cemetery, get the gravesite information at the window; you will be shown how to get there.




To hold a memorial service at our church, families should contact one of our pastors and coordinate with our Hostess, Candi MacCulloch.

Candi can be reached at 661-993-7708.



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