Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We are delighted at the prospect of sharing in it! Our desire is to assist you in creating a beautiful celebration filled with deep reverence and sacred joy.



We have two elegant locations available for you to choose from for your wedding ceremony and reception.


Wedding Ceremonies

Wylie Chapel

Wylie Chapel was built in 1949, is a romantic and intimate space that accommodates up to 210 guests. It features a center aisle, unique architecture, gilded ceilings, theater-style seating, and the glow of candlelight.


Historic Main Sanctuary

Our historic main sanctuary was built in 1923 and is truly breathtaking. Dramatic high ceilings, a sweeping balcony, an exquisite pipe organ, intricate woodworking, and extraordinary stained glass windows all lend to its grandeur. It accommodates up to 1,500 guests and has two aisles.

Wedding Receptions

Mears Center

The stately Mears Center accommodates up to 400 guests.


Rose Garden Patio

The gorgeous outdoor Rose Garden Patio accommodates up to 200 guests.


Pre-Marital Counseling

Because marriage is such an important and permanent commitment between a man and a woman, we want you to be as prepared as possible.  We require every couple to participate in a series of premarital counseling sessions prior to your wedding day.  These sessions are designed to stimulate thought and conversation on topics critical to healthy marriage. Counseling may be with your pastor or a counselor he/she approves.


Christian Marriage

A Christian marriage begins with God and is a gift from God.  It is marked by the lifelong commitment between a man and woman to one another, and lived out in a faithful partnership of love and mutual care.  Marriage was instituted by God, blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ and enriched in the presence of the Holy Spirit.


The Marriage Ceremony

We view the marriage ceremony as a service of Christian worship.  Within the framework of the worship service, we honor God through music, prayers, homily, readings, the exchanging of vows between bride and groom, testimonies and the participation of the gathered community of faith.


If you are interested in having your wedding and/or reception here, please contact Candi MacCulloch at wedding@fpch.org, or call the main office of the church: 323-463-7161.

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