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Pastoral Update

7 August 2020


Grace, mercy, and peace, to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen


As our use of technology has increased in forms of communication from landlines to cell phones to email to texting to Twitter to Instagram to Facebook to Snapchat, the list goes on. I have reflected why we have such a difficult time talking with one another.


Several years ago the ship I was on was in port and I was walking around the ship. I came to an area where Sailors could get outside and smoke. As I walked through the area I noticed two individuals standing next to each other texting. You know who they were texting? One another. They were standing next to one another texting instead of having a conversation. This has always left me reflecting on how we communicate or do not communicate.


Communication is crucial to who we are in our relationships with one another. It is even more crucial when we are living in an environment when our primary means of communication is through the various forms mentioned above. With that in mind I want to update you on three things:

  1. Yes, there is ongoing discussion about how we use our facilities. This is a normal discussion that needs to take place on a regular basis so that we are meeting the needs of our church community. None of our facilities have been nor are there plans to dismantle any buildings. No long term rentals or rentals like we had with ESLA (Episcopal School of Los Angeles) are taking place.
  2. FPCH campus is comprised of 155,000 square feet. This is equivalent to 100-1500 square foot homes. How do we best use this great gift is the ongoing discussion with Session and Staff? How do we use the great gifts we have been given for the proclamation and ministry of the gospel of Jesus Christ? These are only discussion questions. Questions which will be asked of the congregation as well.
  3. You will be hearing more about FPCH’s finances in the future. What I want to make you aware of is the impact of COVID-19. We have not been impacted as hard as possible because of ESLA the first part of this year. Because of COVID-19 we have lost our rental revenue which accounts for 50% of our budget. Then not being able to gather has had an impact where our giving is 30% down. Therefore, we have a reduced operational budget that we are operating on. Please continue to give and fulfill your pledge commitment. Your contributions are crucial and gratefully appreciated as we work to do Christ’s ministry in difficult times.

May our risen Lord bless you and keep you in his grace.


In Christ,

Pastor Tim

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