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Pulpit Preparation


Preparing our hearts, minds, and souls to hear and reflect upon the Word of God.


Prayer of focus


Gracious Lord God, You alone are God, there is no other. You reveal yourself when we live our lives in accordance with Your commandments. In revelation of Yourself you reveal to us what it is to be human. Help us to be human by leading lives with our neighbor by speaking well of him/her and interpreting charitably all they he/she does and by leading lives with our neighbor by being of service to him/her through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen



Psalm 130

Deuteronomy 5:6-21




We approach this Sunday as the third Sunday in which we worship online with one another. I give God thanks and praise for the technology we have, so that, we can gather as community during the most of challenging times.


Gathering as community or living as community is my understanding of the Ten Commandments. In approaching this week’s reading I am focused on Deuteronomy 5:20-21. Here we have the conclusion of God’s Ten Words to the people of God. These verses bring us back to communal living. In Deuteronomy 5:17-19 we have prohibitions on our behavior regarding our one-on-one relationship behavior. Individual behavior that does impact the community (family and friends) in which we live, however, it is behavior of the most personal and intimate nature. Keep in mind that verses 17-19 are situated between the initial community in which we live – family (where we learn to live in relationship to God and community) to our outward behavior in community in verses 20-21. In verses 20-21 God returns us to communal living. How do we live lives in community as a reflection of our individual behavior?


How do we not bear false witness against your neighbor?

How do we not covet your neighbor’s possessions?


Read Deuteronomy 5:6-21 and answer the questions: How do you understand the Commandments of God for us as a community of faith at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood? How do you understand the commandments of God for us as a community of faith living out our faith in the world?


See you online on Sunday. God bless!


Pastor Tim

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